Dilemastronauta Y La Tripulación Cósmica


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“What makes (Dilemastronauta) a unique drummer in today’s climate is his deep connection with the roots of Colombian folkloric music and golden age tropicalia – but mixed with his strong sense of experimental improvisation and camaraderie among other musicians. It’s a throwback to the heyday of studio and stage performers who were unafraid of musical boundaries, and it’s a welcome feeling of timelessness in today’s modern world of technology and machine driven production.” – Eric Banta, Names You Can Trust

En Órbita, by Dilemastronauta y La Tripulación Cósmica, is a wild nine-track trip though the inner rhythmic multiverse of drummer extraordinaire Dilemastronauta and his cosmic crew. Come along as they take you through fantastical worlds infused with tropical futurist vibes anchored by Afro-Colombian traditions, funk, blues, Afrobeat, dub, and electronica. One listen to this celestial transmission and you’ll be in orbit too.

La Tripulación Cósmica (“The Cosmic Crew”) is made of four beings with special powers: crew member Pachán, and his lyrics inspired by the bullerengue tradition (of Colombia), as well as low-end bass manipulation; crew member Gallo and the spectrum of keyboard sounds from the deepest corners of his imagination; Isaiah Richardson Jr., the magician, capable of creating reed melodies that expand throughout the universe; and Dilemastronauta “El Tamborero” (“The Drummer”) who connects rhythms from the center of the earth and the neighboring galaxies. Dilemastronauta y La Tripulación Cósmica are four humble servants who roam the universe of sounds sharing positive vibrations which come to them from the transforming and evolving echoes of the universe’s birth.

If you like cosmic jazz, dub, cumbia, Colombian music, electronica, Quantic, Afrosound, Bosq, MAKU Soundsystem, Mexican Institute of Sound, or Combo Chimbita, you’ll like Dilemastronauta y La Tripulación Cósmica.