How It Works

To get started, just choose + Post a new listing at the top right of the screen.  Add as much or as little info as you choose.
You will also need to configure your payout preferences. You can do this either before or after setting up the listing. Go to Settings > Payments. You can find this option by hovering over your user icon on the top right of the screen. We recommend adding both PayPal and a bank account.
To Add Bitcoin Tipping…
Enter in your Bitcoin Address in the field provided.
Portals are a quick and easy way to display event info and listings for many artists on the same page. Any YouTube links that you include in the Detailed Description field will automatically embed. This is a very useful feature. We recommend placing all your YouTube video links at the beginning of the description text.
If you simply want to trade social media posts and publicity free of charge, use the “SIGNAL BOOST” feature.